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The story of our sharks is a tale of two parallel worlds, land and sea. 

Mans disregard for nature put the sharks in grave danger. 

In the late 20th century the shark population started coming back after years of hunting to near extinction. Their numbers quickly increased, yet the oceans had become littered with human trash to the point of extreme contamination. 

Amidst their desperation the sharks evolved to inhabit the land; as well as the sea in order to save their species. They began to thrive, adapted to breathing air and quickly influenced human culture. 

Culture Sharks celebrates this journey from sea to land. Sharks and their new human friends are now working together to clean up the oceans. Our project applauds these efforts and we look forward to the day sharks can permanently return to their ancestral sea homes with a new found respect for the planet.  

Our first fictional Culture Shark children’s book is complete. The book will be available as a stand alone purchase or as a free item with the minting of a Culture Shark NFT.

It doesn’t suck being a Shark”

Tigershark Steven Belvedere

Culture Sharks is a creative NFT project that will drop in 2022 . More than that though we want to spread the word of “clean oceans” through education and creativity. Our children’s book is currently being finalized. We are planning other creative content featuring our sharks that will always push our agenda which is for us to all live with clean oceans. Sharks lead regular lives. They go to work; play sports , enjoy music. Relax on the weekends. This project is dedicated to making our dream a global reality for all.

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Shark. Then be a Shark”

Peter Rasputin Montgomery of the Blue Shark clan.
A cNFT project. Copyright laws apply.

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